Wedding Photos

Virginia Howes White married Gartner White later in life. In an interview, she would refer to this as the second chapter of her life and said it was marriage.

Virginia White

A selection of photos of Mrs. White from across her life. This includes a phtograph with her late husband Gardner White.

At Old Sturbridge Villiage

On a visit to Old Sturbridge Village (OSV) in 2018 with Kevin and his family. She is thought to be the longest member at 66 years. OSV were kind enough to provide a card and gift basket for her 100th!

Massachusetts Citation for 100th Birthday

This citation was recently received by Virginia and shared by Marianne.

Church & Community

The church and community/civic organizations were a big part of her life.

Fun With Friends

Virginia had a large network of friends and adopted family members. She loved to travel with them and to them.

Sister Barbara & Niece Marianne

Virginia was very close with her sister Barbara and her niece Marianne. These photos include some early pictures of her and her sister at their home in Dorchester. There are some pictures of her sister in uniform (Navy, WII) as well as some with all three ladies together.

Teacher: Mrs. Howes White

Before marrying later in life, Virginia White was a teacher known as Mrs. Howes for many years.

Christmas is ready

Mrs. White always has the best Christmas tree which you can see from across the street.

Girls Only Baby Shower

Virginia partying with the girls at a Baby shower.

Welcoming the new folks

Virginia meeting the next generation.

Hanging out in Marshfield

Hanging out at her old cottage, 'The Dorchester' in Marshfield. In an interview, she tells how her family would say/joke that they got the house for her.

No Stranger to Public Transportation

Virginia on the subway in central Brussels

Christmas Markets in Brussels, Belgium

Virginia, Marianne, Ale and Michael visited the Christmas Market in Brussels back in 2015. The photo with big Christmas tree is in the famous Grand Place.

Thanksgiving in Brussels

Virginia and Marianne were kind enough to teach us how to cook a proper thanksgiving in Brussels.

Enjoying a Pint and Frites near the Schuman

Virgina sharing in the traditional Belgian Beer and Frites near the European Commission in Schuman (Brussels, Belgium)

At Shakespheare's Globe Theatre

Passing Shakespeare's Globe theatre on a walk down the south bank of the River Thames in London.

Visiting the Royal Guards at Windsor Castle

Marianne and Virginia visited Michael in London back in 2013 and this trip to Windsor Castle was one of their excursions. She seemed very much in place there with her friendly and regal demeanor.

Picadilly Circus

We were very much on the move in London as you can see here with pictures of Virginia on foot in Picadilly Circus, on the Tube (subway), and ever the double-decker buses.

Enjoying Proper Tea in London

Having proper Tea and Sandwiches in London was a must

Flower Child

Be it, Lavender from Covent Garden in London, the endless fields of flowers in Keukenhof Holland, or her front lawn in Dorchester, Virginia brings appreciates and shares the scent of nature

Conquering the Great Wall

Yes, Virginia conquered the great wall back in 2008 and here is the Proof.

Master Chef perfecting her game

Virginia has never stopped trying to improve her game.

Enjoying a special meal in France

Virginia enjoying home style french cuisine

Hitting the Theatre

When in London, of course, you must see a show.

An American in Paris

Virginia enjoying the views of Paris

Cruising with the Queen

By boat is definately a preferred method of transit for Virginia

Flying Solo

Ever the Independent lady

Feline Friends

Mrs. White has always had cats. Never more than two and usually in the form of rescued strays. These are her pictures of her feline friends.

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